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Exclusive prices on Beer cases, FREE glass with selected beer cases.


Ale is a type of beer normally brewed with top-fermenting yeasts with a sweet, full bodied and fruity taste. Most ales contain hops, which impart a bitter herbal flavour that helps to balance the sweetness of the malt and preserve the beer.

Fruit Beers

Fruits have been used as a beer adjunct or flavouring for centuries, especially with Belgian lambic styles. Cherry, raspberry, and peach are a common addition to Fruit Beers. Apple, Banana, Cassis, Chocolate, Coconut, Honey, Mango, Passion Fruit and Strawberry flavours are now adding to the beers by modern breweries.
Few breweries may add only flavoured extracts to the finished product, rather than actually fermenting the fruit.


Lager is one of the most popular types of beer, traditionally stored for at least 3 weeks before being served. They are several styles of lagers: Pilsener, Vienna, and Märzen.

Wheat Beers

See our large range of Wheat beers from Belarus, Belgium, England, Germany, Holland and America.

Wheat beer is a beer that is brewed with a significant proportion of wheat and often also contain a significant proportion of malted barley. They are usually top-fermented.

Low Alcohol & Soft Drinks

As long as traditionnal beers, you can find low alcohol and even alcohol-free beers ar BeerHere!
Looza Fruit juices are also available!

Alcohol-free beers have hugely improved in recent years. If you've not tried them for a long time and you have bad memories of watery weak liquids with little or no taste, now is the time to give them another try. If you're not sure which beer to try, why not order our mixed-case of sample beers and take the time to find your favourite.

Ciders & Perrys

Beerhere is selling Speciality Beers and Ciders ! Why not taste Ciders/ perr's from England ? Dunkertons ciders, Westons ciders, thatcher's Ciders, Henney's Ciders and Hogan Ciders are available.

British ciders and British Pear Ciders are also available to buy online at BeerHere!

Beer Gift Packs

Have a look to our range of beer gift packs from Belgium to Scotland. They would make ideal gifts for any occasions; whether you are looking for a birthday present, an anniversary gift or a Christmas present, the beer gift packs are a great choice of beer gifts for anyone who is interested in beer.

You have also have an excellent choice of Beer mixed cases which are excellent beer gifts for someone who is looking to sample different beers from around the world or from a speific country.

Beer Mixed Cases

If you're not sure which beer to try, why not order one of our beer mixed cases containing a selection of different beers and take the time to find your favourite. Beer Tasting cases from Belgium, Germany, USA or from around the world are available.
They would make great gifts for any occasions; whether you are looking for a birthday present, an anniversary gift or a Christmas present, the BeerHere Tasting Cases are unique gifts for both men and women.

Beer Glass

Our beer glasses are branded glasses imported from all around the world: from Argentina to the United States. Different styles of glassware complement different styles of beer for a variety of reasons, including enhancing aromatic volatiles, showcasing the appearance, and/or having an effect on the beer head.
Various sizes - 33cl, 50cl, 1 litre - and Styles are available - Pint glass, Wheat beer glass, pilsner glass, Beer Stein, Flute glass, Tulip Glass, pub-style beer glass, champagne flute and champagne coupe.
Whether you just enjoy drinking speciality beers, or you're a Beer collector, beer glasses are an ideal gift at very cheap prices. They would make your home bar feel more like a real pub.

Some glasses may differ from the ones pictured on our website. A few breweries sometimes change their glassware depending on the season.

Beer Club Membership

Why not treat yourself, a friend or loved one with a membership to the new BeerHere club!

The Beerhere Tasting Club is the best way to discover new beers from around the world with the minimum of effort! Every month you can enjoy a selection of 12 top-quality beers at home... from £19.80 (plus p&p) per month...

Beer Merchandise

Various Beer Merchandise available to buy online at beerhere!

Gift Vouchers

BeerHere Gift Certificates are an ideal way to thank your friends, your family or your business contacts and to reward staff, or as part of a promotion! They are also perfect as a Christmas present for beer lovers.
Beerhere Gift Token are available for either £5, £20, £40, £60.

Greeting Cards

The Beerhere Gift Cards are ideal to add a quick note to your friends, family or collegues with your beer gift pack!

New Products

Find out what new beers are available to buy online!


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