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Online Catalogue | Ales | Belgium

Abbaye des Rocs

La brasserie Abbaye des Rocs started his activities in 1979. The Abbaye des Rocs beer is a pure malt beer, with no added sugar.

Altitude 6
Nuits Blanches


The newest trappist brewery opened in 1998, but the monastery has been here since 1845. The Achel brewhouse is modern and in the centre of the village, in a space that was once a dairy. The brewing consultant is the recently retired father Thomas of Westmalle. Achelse Kluis Extra Bruin, Achel Blonde and Achel Brune are available.


At the end of the 70's, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts, decided to create their own beer in the small village Achouffe in the Ardennes (Belgium). They use spring water and crushed malt barley in the brewing process. This liquid, called “wort”, is pumped into boiling vats, where 2 types of hops (Styrie & Saaz) are added, as well as sugars and, for LA CHOUFFE, coriander. By the way, you certainly want to know what is a chouffe? It is a red hatted, long-bearded gnome. La Chouffe , Mc Chouffe and Chouffe Houblon are available.

Mc Chouffe is now available in 33cl.


Only 6 Trappist breweries still exist in Belgium. The last to cease production was the Benedictine monastery at Affligem (during WWII). Their beers are still available made by the De Smedt brewery under license of Affligem. These beers cannot be called "Trappist", but usually derive their name from a monastery. Affligem Blonde is an Abbey ale.


The family owned brewery Van Steenberge make this beer similar in style to Duvel, but darker in colour. One thing is for certain it packs a powerful punch.


In 1996, the Lefebvre brewery, located at Quenast (in the Brabant region of Wallonia, the French speaking district of Belgium) innovates and launches Barbãr, a lager with honey.

Belgoo Magus

BELGOO Beers are Belgian quality beers brewed in limited amounts in an artisan brewery using traditional Belgian brewing art.

All Belgoo beers get a bottle fermentation which means that, before bottling, carefully selected yeast is added.

During a maturation period in a warm and dark chamber, the yeast brings, in a totally natural way, the fine refreshing bubbles and the rich and refreshing aroma so typical for Belgoo beers.

Belgoo Beer Brewers only use for our "living" beers natural ingredients like barley malt, wheat malt, oats, spelt and Saaz hops.

Bornem Ales

Bornem dubbel and Bornem Tripel


In 1798, the Flemish peasants (the "brigands") drove the French soldiers (the) out of Ingel munster. Following the example of these defenders of liberty of the past, Brigand beer is strong and potent and is made in west Flanders by Van Honsebrouck.

Brugge Tripel

Enjoying Brugge starts with nosing and inhaling the rich aromas and then sipping to set the Burgundian taste of Brugge free in your mouth. Bruges is tasting and enjoying Brugge.

Brugse Zot

In 2005, Xavier Vanneste, son of Mrs Véronique Maes, restarted the old ‘De Halve Maan’ brewery after a thorough renovation of the remaining installation. He launched this new beer under the name ‘Brugse Zot’ for which a unique recipe has been developed. Today Brugse Zot is the only beer really brewed in Bruges’ towncenter !

Cantillon Lambic Beers

In the 18th century, a Benedictine monk, dom Pérignon, discovers the champaign method by blending different non sparkling white wines. One century later, a Brabant brewer blends different lambics and brings about a spontaneous fermentation in the bottle. The Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic was born.


Chimay is an authentic Trappist beer that is it is brewed within a Trappist monastery, under the control and responsibility of the monastic community. Chimay Blue, Chimay Triple (white) and Chimay Red are three great beers with strong personalities.


Since 1982, Corsendonk beers are brewed and bottled in the craft brewery of Du Bocq in Belgium. Corsendonk ales inlcude: Corsendonk Agnus Tripel and Corsendonk Pater Dubbel.

Cuvee Des Trolls

Here are one high-quality beer produces by the Dubuisson brewery La Cuvée des Trolls. Brewed exclusively with malt, hop, natural sugar and water.


Huygues brewery is the oldest brewery in activity in Ghent. The Famous Delirium tremens was created in 1989. Then they created the Delirium Nocturnum.

De Ranke Ales

XX Bitter
Cuvée De Ranke
Noir de Dottignies

Deus Brut des Flandres

Not beer but the divine drink made of barley! In a bottle looking suspiciously like Dom Perignon this is a heavenly drink. Serve ice cold in champagne flutes. Brewed in Belgium the beer is then sent to the Champagne area of France and treated in exactly the same manner as champagne - long maturation, refermenting in the bottle, turning of the bottles, yeast removal and dosing. It serves in the same way too, lots of carbonation and very pale in colour. An extraordinary product new in 2001 - innovative and exceptional.

Duchesse de Bourgogne

In the style of a Flemish red ale aged for 18 months in oak vats at Verhaeghe brewery in West Flanders. A well respected small brewery making interesting beers Duchesse is no exception.

Dupont Bons Voeux

Since 1970, Dupont brewery has been brewing a special beer to give as a new year's present to their best clients. Did you know that the name of this beer "Avec les bons Voeux de la brasserie Dupont" means "With the best wishes of the brewery Dupont" .
Because of the increasing success of this new year's gift, Dupont brewery started to commercialise it and kept the name.

Dupont Organic Ales

Saison Dupont Biologique
Moinette Biologique
Bière de Miel Biologique
Blanche du Hainaut


Duvel is one of the world’s great beers brewed by Duvel Moortgat, a Flemish family-owned brewery founded in 1871.

Ecaussinnes Ales

Cookie Beer
La Loubécoise
Ultra Ambrée
Ultra Soif

Ename Beers

Ename beers are brewed by the ROman Brewery. The Roman family brewery is located in Mater, east of the city of Oudenaarde. The village, which is now part of Oudenaarde, as well as the family name, probably find their origin back in the Roman ages. In those days, the brewery was located along a major road connecting Germany to France. Along this commercial route, there was a big farm called "De Clocke", in which travelers were able to rest and spend the night. They could rest their horses, get them stabled or get a fresh horse if necessary.


Floreffe Prima Melior

Forbidden Fruit / Fruit Defendu

Forbidden Fruit also called Fruit defendu or Verboden Vrucht is a delicious dark all malt strong ale spiced with coriander and aromatic hops.

Frank Boon Geuze

Geuze is a blend of young and old lambic beer, producing another fermentation and more maturation (for up to another year). A fruitier taste and champagne sparkle emerges and a slightly sour flavour is a characteristic of this style of beer. A clean tasting slightly sweet unfiltered gueuze, with a soft floweriness of rhubarb like aroma.

Gordon Finest

Gordon Finest Gold , Gordon Finest Scotch Ale and Gordon Xmas would make great Thank You gifts.

Gouden Carolus

Gouden Carolus Ambrio, Gouden Carolus Classic and Gouden Carolus Triple.
Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor

world best beer available at
Gouden Carolus Classic received the World’s Best Standard Dark Strong Ale award in the WORLD BEER AWARDS in London 30th July 2009.

Grimbergen Abbey Beers

Brewed by Alken-Maes, Grimbergen Ales are Abbey beers filled with passion. Grimbergen Blonde, Grimbergen Dubbel, Grimbergen Optimo Bruno and Grimbergen Tripel are available...


Grottenbier was created by Master Brewer Pierre Celis. It is an aromatic dark beer with 6.5% alcohol content.

Guinness Special Export (John Martin)

Rumoured to originally to be Courage Bulldog exported – an English style stout blurring the definition of a Belgian beer!

Gulden Draak

Powerful dark ale in a painted bottle. Golden dragon in English is more like herbal medicine!


Big assertive and fruity. Reminiscent of sweet oranges. Also has a earthy fresh complex hop aroma. Brewed by Alken Maes – now part of Scottish Courage.

Karmeliet Tripel

Made by the small brewery Bosteels, the makers of Kwak, Karmeliet Tripel is a new beer made unusually using three types of grain. The Carmelites apparently made a three grain beer in the 1600’s and the recipe was stumbled on by accident. The 3 grains are barley, wheat and oats in both raw and malted forms.


Kasteel Bier combines the unparalleled quality of the past and a resolutely modern taste. Available: Kasteel Blonde, Kasteel Donker and Kasteel Triple.


This Flemish speciality is a hearty warming brew, dark and strong. It will win attention when served in the most unusual glass. Allegedly held on the sides of stagecoaches in times past in the stirrup cup. Pauwel Kwak, an innkeeper, once brewed this beer which was revived by Bosteels brewery in east Flanders.


The name refers to the halo that radiates round the head of a saint. Leffe beers are very popular belgian abbey beers . Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brune, Leffe 9°, Leffe Radieuse and Leffe Triple are available.


Liefmans Goundenband has the complexity of a vintage wine making it a great beer gift for any occasions!

Lindemans Lambic Beer

In the mid 1800’s the most popular brew in the Brussels area was faro. With the base lambic beer being very tart lambic beer is sweetened with candy sugar and caramel.


Lucifer is back in stock!


Regardless of what colour or taste you choose, the Maredsous range has everything to intrigue you. These aromatic, delicate, fruity and velvety abbey beers supplement each other in a perfect harmony as far as both colour and taste experience are concerned. Available: Maredsous Blonde, Dark and Triple in 33cl and 75cl bottles.


Situated in Tourpes, in the centre of West-Hainaut, and incorporated in an old farm, originally dating from 1759, the brewery Dupont has been going on since 1844. The original beer was a “Saison Beer”, meaning that this beer was brewed in the winter, to be drunk in the following summer by the workers (seasonworkers) on the fields.
Ever since 1950, the brewery Dupont has been specialised in the production of top fermentation beers with refermentation in the botlle: Moinette Blonde and Moinette Brune.

Moinette Biologique

Mort Subite

Mort Subite Gueuze


Oerbier means original, from the source. The little person on the glasses is the Oerbier man, a simple creature who holds a brewers fork in his right hand, symbolizing the work and science. It is brewed by De Dolle Brouwers.

Oud Beersel Ales

Oud Beersel Oude Geuze
Bersalis Tripel

world best beer available at
Oud Beersel Oude geuze Vieille received the World’s Best Lambic and Geuze award and Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel, the World’s Best Pale Abbey Ale award in the WORLD BEER AWARDS in London 30th July 2009.

Orval Trappist Ale

The name ORVAL means Golden Valley. The abbey was founded in 1070 when Countess Mathilda of Tuscany lost a gold ring in the local lake. She pledged that if it were returned she would thank God by building an abbey. A trout returned the ring! Hence the beer label. An intensely bitter orangey coloured ale with three fermentations.


Palm is is Belgium's top selling ale.


The Bavik Brewery supplies a fabulous range of special beers under the name Petrus. Each of these high fermentation beers reflects the brewing art of the master brewer.

Petrus Speciale
Petrus Oud Bruin
Petrus Blond
Petrus Aged Pale
Petrus Gouden Tripel
Petrus Dubbel Bruin


A nicely brewed beer in the strong golden ale style. Lots of Saaz hop character and a gold to bronze colour. Brewed by Van Steenberge in East Flanders.. Also known in French as Bouccanier.

Poperinges Hommelbier

Although in the province of West Flanders Hommel is brewed only a stone’s throw from France. The intense bitter taste comes from the local hops - this area is Belgium’s biggest hop growing area, and is celebrated each year with a hop festival.

Quintine La Biere des Collines

A small farmhouse brewery started in 1993, the name coming from a local folklore witch called ‘Quintine La biere des Collines’.

Rader Beers

Rader Ambree and Rader Blonde


A small lesser known Trappist monestry in the Ardenne region. All there beers are typically 'Trappist' - dark and sweetish in style. The 6 is a dark amber colour with a soft body and an earthy, herbal taste with a rich and fruity finish


A blend of fully matured and young beer - sweet and sour flavour with a certain sharpness

Saint Feuillien

Once a real connoisseur has tasted St-Feuillien he knows right away that it will always be his favourite.
St-Feuillien is a top-fermenting beer brewed with extremely pure water. The spring is located under the brewery itself. Only the very best malts and hops are used: for St-Feuillien Blonde and Triple, the St-Feuillien brewers use pale malt, and for St-Feuillien Brune and Cuvée de Noël, a combination of specially selected malts is used.

world best beer available at
Saint Feuillien Saison received the World’s Best Saison award in the WORLD BEER AWARDS in London 30th July 2009.

Scaldis (Bush)

Scaldis Ambree (Bush Amber) was created in 1933 by the Brewery Dubuisson and Bush de Noel , a nice Belgian strong dark ale a in 1991 for the festive season.

Senne Beers

Taras Boulba
from Brasserie de la Senne

Silly Saison

Typical for the countryside of Hainaut, a Province of Belgium, the Saison beer style is a blend of 2 or 3 beers, with one of them being an old slightly sour beer.

Sint Sebastiaan

Strong, well-rounded, top-fermented blond beer with a soft and sweetish malty flavour.

Slaapmutske Ales

Slaapmutske Bruin
Slaapmutske Blond
Slaapmutske Tripel
Slaapmutske Christmas

St Bernardus

St Bernardus Abt 12, St Bernardus Pater 6, St Bernardus Prior 8, St Bernardus Tripel.

Straffe Hendrik

Brewed by the unique family brewery De Halve Maan, which has been located in the historical heart of Bruges since 1856. Straffe Hendrik is an authentic Belgian Triple beer, still brewed according to the original recipe.

Tournay Ales

The Brasserie de Cazeau has been a traditional farm brewery since 1753. Beer-making was halted in 1969 but restarted in 2004. TOURNAY is a classic beer brewed in the purest tradition of high-fermentation Belgian beers. It is the only beer brewed in the whole of the Tournai region.

Tournay Blonde
Tournay Blonde 75cl
Tournay Noire
Tournay Noire 75cl


Urthel was established in 2000 in Belgium, by the wife and husband team of Hildegard and Bas van Ostaden, owners of The Leyerth Breweries. The duo share responsibilities with Hildegard formulating recipes and Bas, an artist and marketing expert, designing the artwork, packaging and sales materials.

The Van Ostadens never planned to brew a Cult Beer, it just happened that way. From their home in Ruiselede, Bas and Hildegard created the recipes for the beer as well as the charming labels, tap handles and other sales materials. Their beer have been brewed according to the authentic Flemish brewing style, at Thee Koningshoeven Brewery in Berkel-Enschot in The Netherlands.

The gnome-ish figures on the label actually predate the beer itself. Bas had been working on a modern-day fairy-tale for some time when he and Hildegard decided to start brewing. Searching for a brand image was going nowhere, until Bas had the idea to combine his fairy-tale characters, The Erthels, with their new beer. Thus Urthel was born...

The beers of The Leyerth are different from others because of the numerous fairy-tales and Urthellegends which surround this original product. At this moment, BeerHere is selling 2 Urthel beers:
Hop-It, the hoppy golden ale of 9.5% ABV
Urthel Saisonnière, one of the most thirst-quenching among the special beers!

Val Dieu

Val-Dieu Grand Cru, Val-Dieu Blonde, Val-Dieu Brune and Val-Dieu Triple.


Fruity with a red brown colour. Flavours of raisins and chocolate from the dark malts but still refreshing on the finish.


This is rumoured to be the first beer in the triple style before being taken up by Westmalle. The name alludes to the white cowls of the Cistercians, but without identifying a particular abbey.

Online Catalogue | Ales | Belgium


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