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Online Catalogue | Fruit Beers | Belgium

Bacchus Fruit Beers

Brewed by Van Honsebrouck from Ingelmunster in Belgium, Bacchus Framboise and Bacchus Kriek beers are based on 'Bacchus' their famed red style beer within the local region.

Chapeau Lambic Beers

De Troch is a belgian artisan beer brewery of fruit beers that started more then 100 years ago. It is a pioneers is his work, in making authentic traditionnal belgian lambic beers as Chapeau Banana, Chapeau Exotic and many others.

De Ranke Fruit Beers

Kriek De Ranke

Ecaussinnes Fruit Beers

New Product La Penneffoise

Floris White Beers

Wheat beer blended with fruit juice.

Frank Boon Lambic Beers

Kriek and Framboise Fruit beers

Fruli Strawberry

Fruit flavoured beer, Fruli Strawberry is a Belgian white beer slaced with strawberry fruit essence.


Kasteel Fruit beer: Kasteel Rouge

Liefmans Fruit Beers

Liefmans' characteristic and unrivalled craftsmanship is found in the mixed fermentation of its beers and master blends. Mixed fermentation simply means that the beers are first left to ferment inside open keeves causing the controlled fermentation process to be complemented by a spontaneous fermentation of the brewery's own 'making', using microflora that are unique to the specific location, on the banks of the river Scheldt in Oudenaarde.
This unique method of fermentation, which to this very day is made to occur inside the authentic copper fermentation keeves that date back to the early 20th century, ensures slow-paced maturation, thereby enriching the full-bodied flavour for periods ranging anywhere from months to several years. It is this spontaneous process that also gives each bottle its very own characteristics. As such - much like a wine estate -, Liefmans Brewery is home to a myriad of cellars, containing beer in the process of maturation. Liefmans' mastery is not only found in the maturation, but just as much in the way these beers are blended into the gems of perfection that we know and love. In doing so, the brewery's 'master blender' tastes the different beers and vintages and balances them to create a unique beer.

Liefmans Cuvee Brut, Liefmans Fruitesse (was Liefmans Fruit Beer) and Liefmans Gluhkriek.

Lindemans Lambic Fruit Beer

Southwest of Brussels, in Vlezenbeek (Belgium), the Lindemans family has been farming and homebrewing as long as anyone can remember. Commercial brewing started in 1811 in their barn-like brewery.

Lambic, or spontaneously fermented beers, are among the world’s rarest. They are produced more like a methode champenoise champagne than a typical beer. These beers mature in oak for nearly two years prior to release.

Mongozo Exotic Beers

Mongozo exotic beers are easy drinking white fruit beers.

Mort Subite

Mort Subite Kriek

Oud Beersel Lambic Fruit Beers

Oude Kriek Vieille and Oud Beersel Framboise

Timmermans Lambic Based Beers

Timmermans fruit beers are Fruit flavoured lambic beer. A delicate aperitif.
Various fruit flavours: Framboise (Rasperry), Kriek (Cherry), Peche (Peach), Strawberry.

Wittekerke Rose

Wittekerke Rosé is a belgian white beer with rasperries.

Online Catalogue | Fruit Beers | Belgium


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