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Guinness Special Export (John Martin)

Online Catalogue | Ales | Belgium | Guinness Special Export (John Martin)

John Martin Guinness Special Export (Case of 24x33cl)

John Martin Guinness Special Export (Case of 24x33cl)

Ref: B213

Price:  73.69 (Including VAT at 20%)

Beer Style :Stout
Strength :8.0%
Colour :N/A
Brewer :John Martin
Vessel / Case :24x33cl

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There are a surprising number of different Guinness’ available worldwide. This one is a “Special Export” - a much more intense chocolatey, burnt experience than available generally in the U.K. Guinness Special Export is a popular dry stout (in Irish, leann dubh, "black ale") with a distinctive roasted barley flavour which remains unfermented; This one is better than the ordinary Guinness.

Colour: Dark brown almost black color, light brown head, good lace.

Tasting: Sweet and delicious aroma of malt and milk chocolate. Heavy and full flavor. Malt, coffee and chocolate and a bitter hoppy finish.

Note: Serve Guinness at 6-7°C.

Calories: Guinness only contains 198 kcal per imperial pint, fewer than skimmed milk, orange juice, most lagers and spirits.

Did you know?
What is the connection between the Guinness brewery and the GUINNESS Book of Records?
The GUINNESS Book of Records was the brain child of Sir Hugh Beaver, former Managing Director of the company. In the 1950s, while at a hunting party, he was involved in an argument about whether the golden plover was faster than the grouse. He couldn't find the answer in any reference book and it occurred to him that this sort of question would arise frequently in pubs and that a book, which answered such questions, would be useful to licensees.
Chris Chataway, a record breaking athlete was then an Under Brewer at the London brewey. He recommended the McWhirter Bros, who ran a fact finding agency in Fleet Street, to Sir Beaver. They were immediately commissioned to compile what was to become the "GUINNESS® Book of Records". The first edition was published in 1955.


Guinness Beer Glass (John Martin)
Guinness Beer Glass (John Martin)

Online Catalogue | Ales | Belgium | Guinness Special Export (John Martin)


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